Who we are

BBT is the outcome of a joint activity undertaken by the thesaurus maintenance group within the DARIAH project aiming at building up and extending the DARIAH infrastructure.

The aim of the thesaurus maintenance working group is to develop a model of how existing thesauri and ontologies can be made interoperable and be maintained in a sustainable way. 

Within this framework the WG achieved to build  methods for the development in a collaborative way of semantically interoperable thesauri using ontology-driven faceted analysis and detected and defined high-level concepts for indexing knowledge in the Humanities which could guarantee the intersubjective and interdisciplinary character the indexing process so thus the integration  of concepts of goal-oriented generic research functions with notions of scholarly primitives and digital research activities could become feasible. Finally the working group has proposed a model of (electronic) collaboration that supports discussions regarding changes proposed for the BBT either by the WG or by other interested parties.

These objectives were achieved through the contribution of a large number of participants: